Welcome to my website everyone, and I’m glad that you’ve stopped by to allow me to present the overwhelming evidence of a plot so devious and dangerous in its nature, that full awareness of the project known as “Agenda 21” or “Agenda 2030” must be brought to common public attention. I’m playing my part in helping to disentangle the truth from the lies on this website.

It’s hard to know where to start – I’ve included links to essential viewing or reading as I go through the my explanations. Where possible, I will try to include references. Please note: this is a work in progress and evolving.

It is indicative of a longer plan of human population control and world domination that has its roots and tentacles spread far and wide through-out all areas of modern life and culture for over 130 years. It dictates what we see, hear, buy, eat, feel, how we behave and how the “status quo” is maintained and how the grand global chess game is played out and perceived by all. It has infiltrated the money supply, politics, corporations, social life, education, religion, law and order, military, health – literally few areas are left untouched.

It’s controlled by the mass information establishments, the corporations, with an ever-increasing full-spectrum strangle-hold on a scale never before enabled like it is today.

The propaganda machine of the “Deep State” and “Rothschild Banking Dynasty”, entangled with “The Committee of the 300, Bilderbergs, Tri-lateral Commission, the U.N., the CIA, is working 100% overtime, churning out mis-information, obfuscating/distracting from truth speakers, smoke-screens, racism, fascism, FEAR – anything that keeps us running around, attention focused on self-gratification and survival.

Irrespective of what you believe about viruses, or Covid-19 (a brand name apparently), if you want to reduce the fear, inform yourself. Be prepared to change your world view, or at least, come to re-evaluate your own view.

If you cannot hear or absorb ALL ideas, no matter how extreme or repugnant they might seem at first, how on earth will you be able to ever make A BALANCED JUDGEMENT? If you simply ‘fear’ without hearing, you might never understand what lies beyond your own fear.

Knowledge is power and time is getting very short. This might be humanity’s last chance to bring about a less cataclysmic and more awakened solution – it all depends on us to decrease the fear through awakening to both the inner and outer truth.

For this journey, start here

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